Best Weightlifting Drop Pads 2021 – Reviews

Best Weightlifting Drop Pads, Protect your floors, keep noise to a minimum, and protect your gym equipment with the right pair of weightlifting drop pads.

Weightlifting silencer drop pads are simple pieces of gear that have a surprising amount of function.

These bad boys:

Absorb the noise from dropping barbells loaded with weight plates/bumper plates. lifting pads

Reduce vibration from lifting heavy weights

Protect the floor and foundation from cracking.

Increase the longevity of your weight plates and barbells

Can be used as a plyometric box for introductory plyo/step training

Not bad for a little foam box!

Lifting pads are usually made with a tough nylon exterior and stuffed with high-density foam that maintains proper shape even under heavy loads.

In terms of protecting your floor and foundation, weightlifting drop pads aren’t a complete cure-all, but combined with bumper plates, proper gym flooring, and setting weights down softly they can do wonders.

Below are the best pads for reducing noise, protecting your floor and gym gear, and keeping noise complaints to a minimum

Top Best Weightlifting Drop Pads Reviews

Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads

Best drop pads for weightlifting

Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads

While drop pads are generally used for quieting heavy deadlifts, they can be used for a ton of other stuff, including snatches, floor presses, hip thrusts, and more. deadlift pads

The Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads are my go-to pads for lifting in my garage gym. crash cushion weightlifting (You can view my full review of the Bells of Steel Lifting pads here.)

The shell is made of heavy-duty polyester, the guts are filled with foam that bounce back to shape quickly, and Velcro on the sides makes them stackable for use for hang cleans, box jumps and jerks.

Storage is made painless with handles. Bells of Steel Deadlift Pads are 30” by 24” by 6” and retail for around $200


Rogue Crash Pads

Long lasting

Rogue Crash Pads

I’ve long been a huge fan of Rogue equipment. They make excellent stuff for both commercial and home gyms, from flat weight benches to leg press machines to—yup—crash pads!

Rogue’s pads come in the usual 30” by 24” by 6” size with the Rogue branding splashed across the top. weight crash pads weightlifting drop pads The exterior of the pads are made with heavy-duty vinyl that prevents rips and tears and is easy to wipe down after training.

Sold in pairs, Rogue’s pads have webbing for easy carry and storage, and the foam stuffing bounces back quickly after use, making them great for heavy lifts and even intro step and plyo training.

Rogue’s gear trends towards the more expensive, with a pair of the Rogue Crash Cushions ringing the cash register for about $250


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Yes4All Weightlifting

high-density foam

Yes4All Weightlifting

Yes4All is a low-cost gym equipment manufacturer that makes awesome stuff for the home and garage gym enthusiast. I’ve had a chance to try out their deadlift jacks and tricep rope and consistently been impressed with the quality of their products.

Their drop pads, made with high-density foam and covered in durable PVC nylon, are excellent for long-term use and heavy lifting. drop pads weightlifting deadlift drop pads The pads are six inches thick, which gives them enough height to provide a solid amount of silencing when you put your weights down.

Yes4All sells them in three different colors. With most home gym equipment, their weight lifting pads are frequently sold out


Happy Buy Barbell Crash


HappyBuy Barbell Crash

barbell drop pads, While most crash pads come in a height of 6″, the pads from HappyBuy gives you some additional height options.

Designed specifically for silencing heavy weights, HappyBuy sells their pads in 6″, 9″ and 10″ height sizes, making them an interesting hybrid of weightlifting pad and plyometric box (the high-density foam and nylon exterior is the same as foam plyo boxes).

The HappyBuy pads are the lightest on this list, weighing under 5 pounds per pad (compared to the Rogue pads, which are 20+ pounds per pad) and are rated for a maximum of 880lbs total weight.

They come in a variety of different colors, including red, blue and black, and the side of the pads have handles for easy storage and handling. Amazon sells them for around $180


Titan Fitness Silencer

Over All best

Titan Fitness Silencer

crash pads weightlifting Titan Fitness is another big player in the home and commercial gym space, and their stuff consistently gets rave reviews from gym owners and users. I’ve had a chance to give their push up stands and gymnastic rings a go and have been repeatedly impressed with the quality of their equipment.

Titan Fitness’s drop pads have all the usual bells and whistles that you expect from a quality crash pad. weightlifting crash pads The insides are filled with high-density foam designed specifically to reduce noise and absorb vibration. The shell is a durable PVC that retains form and is tear-resistant. Dimensions are in the “usual” drop pad size-30″ by 24″ by 6″.

Unfortunately, like most fitness equipment these days, these pads are often sold out.

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