Best Foldable Weight Benches – for Home Gyms

Best Foldable Weight Benches, Want the perks of a commercial-grade weight bench blended with a tiny footprint? You are in luck. Here are the first-rate foldable weight benches for operating out at home.

The weight bench is a fundamental part of any home gym.

From the bench you do any combination of exercises: bench press, shoulder press, foldable workout bench flys, hip thrusts, box squats, and so on.

In the not-so-distant past, the options for people who wanted to work out at home—and being able to put away their gear between workouts—was extremely limited.

Either the equipment was prohibitively expensive, or the equipment plain sucked.

The explosion in popularity of working out from home meant that fitness equipment companies have been forced to level up their game while keeping prices competitive.

Which is a win-win for us, the home gym enthusiast.

Below are reviews of some of the best foldable weight benches currently on the market.

As you will see, collapsible weight bench the features rival those of many commercial-grade benches, without the commercial-grade price tag.

Read on and let’s get into the top foldable exercise and weight benches for home gyms.

Top Best Foldable Weight Benches Reviews

Flybird Foldable

Best Adjustable bench

Flybird Foldable

The FLYBIRD, not be confused with their sister company, SWIMBIRD, is the best foldable weight bench for your home gym.

(Yes, that was a joke. A bad one. Let’s move on.)

Here’s why this foldable bench is A-1.

For starters, when it’s folded up, it is just 9” wide and 30” high. Moving the bench is a breeze too because the whole thing weighs just under 25-pounds.

Now, you would think that this compact frame means it is sacrificing on its total weight rating, right? Nope. best foldable weight bench This thing has a capacity of up to 620-pounds, which is better than most regular flat weight benches.

This unique combination of features makes the bench one of Amazon’s Editor’s Choices, and with a price tag of around $150, you aren’t paying through the nose for a quality bench that you can tuck behind the couch.

Flybird sends the bench to you fully assembled. foldable exercise bench Pull the bench out of the box and it’s ready to help you unleash your favorite exercises and workout routines.


YOLEO Foldable Weight Bench

Most Comfortable

YOLEO Foldable Weight Bench

YOLEO is just one letter away from being able to say, “I am going to YOLO this workout!” But alas, that extra “E” doesn’t take away from the absurd number of features in this bench.

The backrest can be angled to seven different positions (the back pad is also almost completely flush with the butt pad, something I very much appreciate and wish all adjustable weight benches featured), and the bench is rated for a maximum of 330-pounds.

The Yoleo bench springs to life by pulling out a couple safety plugs. When your workout is done, collapsible workout bench fold it back up, insert the pugs, and tuck it away.

The bench comes almost completely assembled, which means you can spend less time fumbling with installation instructions and more time bellowing YOLEOOOO while crushing those gains.


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Advenor Foldable Adjustable

Unique Design

Advenor Foldable Adjustable

Rated for up to 800-pounds of weight, including the user, the Advenor brings a ton of versatility to your home gym, while retaining the small footprint that is expected of foldable strength training benches.

Th ebench can be adjusted in a wide variety of incline and decline positions. The seat has three height options, which I really appreciate. I prefer having the seat angled slightly upwards when doing heavy incline lifts, keeping my body from sliding down too much.

The bench pads are made of high-density foam cushion and the leather cover is easy to wipe down and clean after a big workout. folding weight bench review The pads are also quite wide—as a husky fella I really appreciate a wider bench, which keeps me from wobbling.

Extremely stable, a piece of cake to fold up, with a small footprint when folded (9.8” by 30”, it is only slightly larger than the Flybird), and with an extremely affordable price tag (just over $100), the Advenor is a legit contender for any home gym.


Bang Tong & Li Foldable Flat


BangTong&Li Foldable Flat

The BangTong&Li Foldable Flat Bench is a great bench for those who don’t need the bells and whistles of incline, decline, adjustable seat height, rollers, and so on.

Looking at the bench for the first time, you would never guess that it folds up and slides under your bed.

The bench sits on a heavy-duty steel frame that is rated for a total of 660-pounds, folding weight bench under bed A thick pad keeps your back comfortable and locked in while you pound away on the bench press, shoulder press, or hip thrusts.

When you have completed your workout, the two legs fold by retracting a knob and pin. Folded up, the height of the bench is just 6.3”.

The Bang Tong & Li Foldable Flat Bench costs around $120, a super reasonable investment for the space-starved fitness junkie who is trying to make the most of a small training space.


Finer Form Foldable

Over all best

Finer Form Foldable

Hey, so here’s a question. Want a bench that can handle 1,000 pounds a weight? Sure, why not, right?

Finer Form’s Foldable Flat Bench is the ultimate example of how commercial-grade fitness equipment has finally been made affordable for us home and garage gym enthusiasts.

Made of high-grade steel, best foldable bench press the bench folds up to 8” when collapsed, which is among the thinnest profiles of any of the benches I have had a chance to review. foldaway workout bench Throw it under the bed, in the closet, on top of your bookshelf.

The pad is also extra thick, at 3 inches. Four rubber feet keep the bench from sliding around on the floor.

It’s tough not to love this thing. The Finer Form Foldable Flat Bench ships fully assembled and still comes in at a price point that isn’t much more expensive than flat weight benches that don’t fold.

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