Best Cookbooks for Meal Prepping 2021 – Reviews

Best Cookbooks for Meal Prepping, Ready to take your nutrients to the following level? Here are 5 killer cookbooks for meal prepping to help you grasp your food plan and nutrients.

Meal prepping is one of my all-time favorite strategies for improving performance in the kitchen, and by extension, performance in the gym and playing field. meal prep cookbook

But far too often, gym-goers and athletes will admit that they like the idea of meal prepping, but are hesitant to commit.

Either they don’t know where to start, feel intimidated by having to cook that much food at once, or because they fear the bland and boring nature of meal prepping.

But meal prepping can be delicious, it can be simple, and it can be approachable even for those who aren’t naturals in the kitchen.

That’s where this collection of the best cookbooks for meal prep comes in.

They take the guesswork out of your meal prep efforts, give you plans that you can follow, the healthy meal prep cookbook and a series of recipes that can be made wholesale and still taste really good after a few days in the fridge.

Here is breakdown of my favorite meal prepping and planning books.

Top Best Cookbooks for Meal Prepping Reviews

Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

Well Explained

Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook

Toby Amidor’s “Healthy Meal Prep Cookbook” provides three complete plans that last two weeks each. Included are dozens of clean meals that you can whip up.

Forget boring and bland meals, the recipes include some delicious stuff, including overnight oats (which basically taste like a dessert), barbecued pulled-pork, and Hawaiian chicken skewers.

Amidor covers all the basics of meal prepping, including the equipment you will need, some basic pointers on planning and preparation, best meal prep books as well as how to properly refrigerate and freeze your meals to maximize taste and best-before.


Cook Once, Eat All Week


Cook Once, Eat All Week

meal prep recipe book, Originally a four-week plan on her website (, Cassy Joy Garcia expanded the popular online series into a 400-page meal prep cookbook that covers all of the essentials of meal prep (and then some).

Cook Once, Eat All Week includes a full six months of meal plans. Garcia outlines how to be efficient with your time while preparing the meals, best practices for storing and reheating meals, healthy meal prep cookbook and cranking up meal size up or down depending on your nutritional needs.

For those with various diet considerations, including Paleo, low-carb, nut allergies, etc, Garcia provides easy alternatives and sub-ins.

The one complaint that came up in numerous reviews was Garcia’s reliance on nightshades in a good deal of her recipes. If nightshades are not in your nutritional wheelhouse, this is something to consider.

Other than that, this is a very detailed, clearly-laid out set of recipes for meal planning and prepping.


Recommended Read


Fit Men Cook

Great Recipes for Men

Fit Men Cook

For a lot of us, variety is the spice of life and the key to enjoyment when it comes to sitting our butts down and eating a meal. Kevin Curry, a popular fitness influencer and app creator, complied his favorite hundred quick-fix recipes that deliver on time and taste.

food prep cookbook Curry’s heavy online presence is reflected in the content between the recipes, with plenty of hashtags, mini listicles (e.g. The 5 Common Pitfalls of Dieting).

Curry’s voice shines through his writing and encouragement. Well organized with plenty of tasty recipes and meals, Fit Men Cook: 100+ Meal Prep Recipes for Men and Women is essential reading for anyone looking to expand their meal prep roster.


Keto Meal Prep

Best keto meal prep cookbook

Keto Meal Prep

Keto has become one of the mainstream diet plans over the past few years. And why not? Who doesn’t want to eat more bacon and meat over the course of the day?

While keto sounds great on paper, properly putting together the macros to maintain a state of keto is tricky.

Fortunately, Keto Meal Prep by FlavCity helps remove the confusion inherent in this nutritional plan, meal planning cookbook breaking down over 125 ready-made meals that can be cooked up and bundled up.

The meals, and everything required to prepare them, are thoroughly explained and broken down.

Each recipe is featured in full-color, Instagram-worthy splendor, and the Parrish’s sense of humor shines through the introduction and instructions.


Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Best Recipe book for Weight Loss

Meal Prep for Weight Loss

Meal Prep for Weight Loss is another outstanding choice for meal prep recipes. Shallal, a registered dietician and personal trainer, leverages her years of working with clients to create a set of three-recipe and six-recipe plans that provide a steady stream of healthy, tasty recipes.

Although everyone has slightly different dietary needs, this book provides easy sub-ins and ways to customize the meal plan to your particular dietary requirements, best meal prep book whether it is total caloric volume or food sensitivities.

The book provides a clear breakdown of each of the recipes, shopping lists, the equipment you will need, and general information on healthy foods.

And of course, meal prep cook book as with all the meal prep books on this list, Shallal outlines everything you will need to know about preparing and cooking your meals in an efficient manner.

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